Monday, April 30, 2012

Should I apply for MBA/MS Executive Coaching? What do other students think of this?

What do Graduate Business students have to say about Executive Career Coaching at Robinson College?

Was it worthwhile?
What did you learn?
Would you recommend this to other students?
Click on the link in red, to learn about the ECC coaching week and application instructions

Executive Career Coaching - How to Apply? What is it? Who is eligible?

Hear what participating students had to say about the event.

Get a real person, sharing real world experiences. The executive coach choice was a great match!

Every student should be part of this opportunity. The insight offered by the career coach is one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

It was a pleasure meeting with a coach. Usually in our job, we do not get the time to reflect on what's best for us. Serious talks like this one,  help us reflect on a deeper level about what's important for us and this helps position our careers. I cannot believe that this one hour has been so effective and this would play a huge role in my professional development!

The career team has done a great job bringing all these executives together. I would highly recommend this coaching to my cohort and my colleagues. Thank You for putting me in contact with this coach. I will cherish this new, network that I am about to start. Sitting down with an executive in the industry that I am interested in is truly an invaluable experience. I recommend the ECC Program to anyone who is serious about advancing their career. People hire people they know.

This was a great opportunity. I learned so much. The coach gave me so much great information - I feel energized. Thank You!

The ECC was very valuable. Everyone needs to have this experience. Thanks for creating this program!

It is a great program. I have learned a lot of useful suggestions. I have learned how to see the big picture and think strategically. The program will help me improve in my career and life!

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was extremely helpful to get the external perspective.

The event was quite valuable and has helped me look at things form a different perspective. I can now crystalize my story and feel a lot more confident!

The ECC Program was an excellent opportunity to have an informed meaningful discussion with an experienced, successful professional.

The dialogue was very open and informative. The coach provided very helpful insights that will definitely have a positive impact on my career.

Please continue this program, it has provided a tremendous amount of value to my time here at GSU. The ECC alone is worth its weight in gold. The coaching experience has ignited a new fire in my life and career. I expect great momentum in my career transition from GSU.

Excellent match for my career goal. Great insight and advice from the coach. Very well planned session by GSU.

My coaching session was inspiring and insightful. In a brief time, my coach was able to assess my strengths and provide advice on how to market them to potential stakeholders. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding many premier companies and I hope to continue to learn more from him in terms of the things companies don't publicize, but are nevertheless significant in making career decisions.

Really helpful and practical advice from career. The coach is very warm and generous about his time and follow up. Really good career events! Thank You.

A very powerful coaching session. It was a very helpful session and I would like to thank the RCC for this career match.

Being an international student, I was able to learn a lot from my coach, about how to network and build career relationships in the U.S. Thank You. Bring them back again!

My coach was very insightful and enthusiastic. He has a passion for helping people succeed and that was evident from our conversation. He asked me some very thought-provoking questions that will enable me to take a deeper look at my long term career goals. I will consider what I want my legacy to be. It was refreshing and rewarding to have a face-to-face conversation with a professional who is able to deliver an unbiased outlook on your professional development. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone.

My coach was very engaging and provided great strategies for negotiation, operations, etc. I would recommend him to supply chain operations.

My coach provided a lot of great information I can apply in my career and the MBA program. I look forward to implimenting What I've learned. The CMC project manager was great. Please continue to keep this program. This is great for the school and the graduate program. I learned a lot from my executive program. Thanks again!!

It was a great opportunity to learn from someone in my career field, and especially someone with a similar cultural background to mine. Her advice was very good and I will make sure I put it to good use. Thank you for this wonderful event.

I would encourage other students to take advantage of this program to enhance your career!

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